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Nose Job Surgery

Nose job surgery is a common term for Rhinoplasty surgery, and refers to an elective or voluntary surgery that alters the shape or size of the nose. Most people will choose to have a nose job to enhance their physical appearance, but a Rhinoplasty procedure can also be used to improve breathing, repair damage caused by an injury or accident, or correct a birth defect. Rhinoplasty is a sub specialty of plastic surgery, and is the most common form of facial plastic surgery performed today in the United States. Despite common misconceptions, a nose job does not have to be obvious. With modern improvements to the procedure, the effects can be subtle and natural looking. The days of plastic looking over-sculpted noses are over. Nose job specialists like the cutting edge Dr Jay Pensler in Chicago, Illinois, have improved the process so much over recent years that natural looking results can be achieved even for patients who have had a previous nose job that left them with unnatural or unsatisfactory results.

It is incredibly important to be sure to find a qualified surgeon to perform your nose job. Any physician can claim to be a plastic surgeon, even if they have had no formal surgical training. To protect yourself from unqualified doctors, be sure to retain a fully board certified plastic surgeon. This means that your doctor should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or ABPS. You should also make sure that your doctor has a fully equipped and professionally staffed surgical suite in their office. Dr Jay Pensler is a great example for both of these requirements. He is fully board certified by the ABPS and his private surgical suite is nationally recognized as one of the finest available. He has been performing nose jobs in the Chicago area for almost twenty years. He also specializes in revisional or secondary nose jobs, where he corrects poor work done by other Rhinoplasty surgeons. If you are considering having a nose job done in the Chicago area, you are lucky to have Dr. Pensler so nearby.

If you have questions, or would like to setup a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Pensler please fill out the short contact form so one of our patient coordinators can follow up with you. You can also call out office directly at 312-642-7777.



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