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Nose Job Surgery Chicago, Illinois

Rhinoplasty surgery is commonly known as nose reshaping or nose job surgery. Nose job surgery can be performed cosmetically to meet aesthetic goals or for reconstructive purposes to correct trauma, birth defects or breathing problems.    Dr. Jay Pensler’s Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the preeminent nose job surgery practice in Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Pensler is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is a leader in Chicago, Illinois nose job surgery.

A nationally and internationally renowned surgeon who offers many procedures including nose job surgery in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Jay Pensler is the author of over one hundred plastic surgery articles and has sat on many national plastic surgery committees.  In his academic appointment as an Associate Professor of Clinical Plastic Surgery at Chicago, Illinois Northwestern University Medical School, Dr. Pensler helps train the next generation of plastic surgeons in many procedures including nose job surgery. 

First developed by the Indian “father of plastic surgery” Sushruta, around 500 BC to reconstruct noses that were amputated as a punishment for crimes, nose job surgery was first used for cosmetic reasons in 1898 by Dr. Jacques Joseph, who elected to help a patient who felt that his large nose caused embarrassment and social discomfort.  Known for highly successful cosmetic and reconstructive nose job surgery in Chicago, Illinois, you can trust Dr. Pensler to help reshape your nose to achieve the optimum facial balance for your structure.   Every patient is well taken care of by Dr. Jay Pensler and his caring and professional nursing and office staff. 

With such wonderful clinical expertise, board certification, and professional caring staff, there is no reason to look at any other nose job surgery practice in Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Jay Pensler offers the best plastic and nose job surgery practice in Chicago, Illinois. 

We encourage you to contact our Chicago, Illinois plastic surgery office today for a free confidential no-obligation consultation regarding your nose job surgery.  We can even help coordinate financing of your Chicago, Illinois nose job surgery.  Call us (312) 642-7777 or simply fill out the contact form on this web site.  We look forward to speaking with you.





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