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Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Chicago

Revision Rhinoplasty is a specialized sub-category of plastic surgery which is sometimes necessary if an initial Rhinoplasty surgery goes wrong, or is any way unsatisfactory to a patient. Sometimes a doctor is negligent, or sometimes it is just the inherent intricacies of a Rhinoplasty procedure that leave a patient with unacceptable results. No matter the cause, when this happens, it is important to research your options and find a Physician like Dr. Jay Pensler, who specializes in this delicate form of Rhinoplasty. Dr. Penslerís practice is located in the bustling hub of Chicago, one of the fore-running pioneer cities in plastic surgery. He has been visited by patients from all over the nation who want to make sure their revision Rhinoplasty leaves them finally content and s confident in their appearance.

Dr Penslerís Chicago based revision Rhinoplasty practice has won accolades from fellow doctors and patients alike. His experience in performing successful secondary Rhinoplasty procedures has allowed him to create a well deserved niche in the Chicago plastic surgery community. The procedure is difficult, and outstanding work is obvious in such an intricate field. After an initial Rhinoplasty has been performed, the complications involved in performing another secondary or revisional Rhinoplasty are greatly increased. The delicate skin of the nasal region is not as elastic, scar tissue has formed, the septum, upper and lower lateral cartilages, as well as the nasal bones, have all been altered.

These difficulties can be safely surmounted by an experienced revision Rhinoplasty surgeon, but it is important to go to a doctor you trust. Dr. Pensler has an impeccable reputation and the experience to safely lead you through this delicate procedure. Dr Pensler is a fully certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, holds a craniofacial surgery degree from Harvard, and has numerous other awards and achievements. His revisional Rhinoplasty surgical suite is fully equipped with the latest modern advancements and tools, and staffed with a knowledgeable, professional medical staff. The distinction of his medical achievements nationwide makes Dr Penslerís revisional Rhinoplasty practice in Chicago a logical destination for your important procedure.

If you have questions, or would like to setup a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Pensler please fill out the short contact form so one of our patient coordinators can follow up with you. You can also call out office directly at 312-642-7777.



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