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Secondary Rhinoplasty (Nose) Surgery Chicago, Illinois - Dr. Jay M. Pensler

Sometimes, primary rhinoplasty surgery may not yield the desired results. This might occur for various reasons depending upon the patient, the doctor or the inherent complexity of the operation itself. Dr Pensler often performs secondary rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago. In fact, Dr. Pensler sees patients from all over the United States who are unhappy after nasal surgery for secondary rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Pensler has performed secondary rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago for over 20 years.

Secondary rhinoplasty surgery is more difficult than primary rhinoplasty surgery. The fact that the nose has already been operated on and scar is present makes the procedure more complex. In secondary rhinoplasty surgery, the nasal septum,the nasal bones, and the upper and lower lateral cartilages the prime building blocks for the nose have been partially or completely altered. The nasal airway in patients for secondary rhinoplasty may be impaired, while the skin has become thinner and is less elastic.

Even though secondary rhinoplasty surgery is a complex procedure, the operation is typically safe and effective in experienced hands. In order to minimize problems, there must always be an understanding of the operation before surgery by all parties involved so that the patient and surgeon have a reasonable expectation as to what may be achieved.

Secondary Rhinoplasty - Actual Patient Before/After Pics

secondary rhinoplasty pics
secondary nose surgery
secondary rhinoplasty pics
secondary nose surgery

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